21 de marzo de 2017

Yesterday, my class and I went to the “Caixaforum” to see a film called “ THE OTHER KIDS.”
The genre of the film was a documentary about Uganda. I thought that the film was about poor kids and the condition of poor people in Africa.
The film was about a kid called Reegan who was five years old. He lived in Uganda, and he was very poor. He played football because he needed a scholarship to study in primary. He got the scholarship, but his scholarship of secondary study was stolen by the principal of the school.
He had two dreams: to study and to score a goal like Fernando Torres.
At the end of the film, he could fulfil his dreams.
The main character was Reagan, and the other characters are the football team’s Reagan and the coach of ten football team. All of the characters love football, and the team wanted to study.
In my opinion, the film was very good because we learned more about Africa and we learned that the people of Africa live worse than us.
My favourite part of the film was when Reagan scored a goal like Fernando Torres, because it was very exciting and nice.
I recommend this film to everybody, especially adults and politicians because we could finish his condition.

Clara Díaz 2º ESO B

The other kids is a documentary about a poor child born in Uganda. I expected this documentary to tell us a story about a poor child who likes to play football. Fernando Torres is his idol and his dream is to score goals like him. This type of film is a documentary directed by Pablo de la Chica and its message is to tell us how the children that live in the poorest countries spend every day. And it wants to express the main ideas about football.
Reagan is a boy, five years old, born in Uganda, abandoned by his mother. He was living alone a long time in the street.
Reagan's dream was to play football and to score goals as his idol, Fernando Torres. But he could not be in a football team.
A day Reagan was playing football when a man called Anthony told him: "Do you want to play on my football team? if you play I can give you food and money to study at school" He was not at school for a long time because the principal stole all the money of the school and the children couldn't  study. But they continued playing football and winning matches. They played  the final match of the final match of the championship and they won it.
Reagan lived with his mother again and they were happy. The trainer Anthony died a year later. The main characters were Reagan and Anthony.
I enjoyed, the scenes of football matches especially. I enjoyed very much the film because it is a real history and the life of Reagan was very difficult. I would recommend this film to everybody because it is a sad but beautiful story.

Daniel GarcíaESO B

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